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Learn Holy Quran with Quran Education
Learn Holy Quran with Quran Education
Learn Holy Quran with Quran Education

Welcome to Quran Education

Before jumping into the Quran Academy or Quran education, you must have known about Islam a little bit. Let’s have a quick introduction to Islam.Islam is the religion of Muslims follows in Islamic countries. Islam means Peace. Peace means having a peaceful life with Allah, with own self, love, and pace with Allah’s creations. If I say shortly, accepting all the will of Allah and spend the life under Allah and His Rasool SAW guidance is Islam.If you go into the detail of Islam, it has 4 words meaning, “Surrender”, “submission”, “commitment”, and “peace”. Quran is the complete guidance in Islam. On having Emaan on Islam and Quran, the people having faith believes that Islam is the last religion in this word and Quran is the last Holy Book which was revealed on the Hazrat Muhammad SAW as complete guidance for His nation.

Why Choose us?

Getting an online Quran academy is very beneficial for all people. So it is good to enroll yourself in different courses that you want to learn about. Quran Education website prefer to choose them as they have many courses to offer with effective teaching methods and other services such as Free Trial Classes, Word by word Quran learning with Tajweed, Special focus on slow learners, Online Quran memorization, Female Quran teachers for women and children, Expert Quran teachers with English fluency, Monthly progress assessment and feedback, Timings that suit you, and different Islamic and Quranic courses on which you want to learn.

Our Popular Courses

Noorani Qaida

Norani Qaida is the first step for new students, who want to learn basic Rules to read Quran with proper pronunciation..Noorani qaida contains basic tajweed rules
.It helps students to learn about Arabic
.Students learn how to pronounce Quran
.Nurani Qaida used for teaching new students

Quran Reading with Tajweed

Quran is a beautiful gift to Muslims because it completes guidance for humanity. Reading Quran with Tajweed is getting a deep understanding of Islam. So that people get to know about the teaching of Islam.

Quran With Translation

Reading Quran in Arabic is not enough but understanding it is also necessary. This course is especially for those who want to learn the Quran with a deep understanding. This course will defiantly help the students to understand Islam by heart.

Memorization of Quran

Reading Quran with Translation is not enough. But remember it is worth it. Because memorization of the Quran is the protection from the evil world. You only protect yourself and your children by getting accurate knowledge about Islam and the best thing is to memorize it for life. So, this course is for those who want to memorize the Quran because it is necessary to remember the Quran saying to lead a life according to it.


Basic Islamic learning

If you are not able to learn about Islam in detail, then this course might help you. Because it offers you the basic learning of the Islamic course. This course may include the education of the 5 pillars of Islam, all Kalmas, the Life of Holy Prophet SAW, and His companions.

Ahsan UI Qawaid

This course offers you to pronounce the words according to them which is the best approach to learn the sound of each Arabic word and pronounce it as it is while reciting Quran.